Winchester Veg Cities

Veg Cities is a feature campaign of Sustainable Food Places, led by food and farming charity Sustain in partnership with the wider Peas Please initiative. The campaign aims to encourage cities and towns in the UK to promote the consumption of vegetables and fruits, and to make them more widely available in local communities. The campaign works with local authorities, businesses, and community groups to encourage the provision of more plant-based options in public sector canteens and other food outlets, as well as to promote the benefits of plant-based diets to the general public. The campaign also aims to support local food growers and suppliers, to help increase access to fresh, locally-sourced produce.

A lot of our work under the initial Winchester Veg Cities campaign have grown into their own strand of work:

  • Increase the consumption of veg, especially for people affected by food insecurity
  • Improve food literacy
    • Through community cooking and nutrition training events
  • Increase local growing
  • Support local food businesses
  • Reduce food waste and promoting ways to Share our Surplus

You can find out more through the national Veg Cities Newsletter, our own newsletters or our Facebook page.

 Planet Friendly Diets are based upon:

·        Increased plant based food

·        Choose seasonal fruit and veg

·        Reduced meat and dairy intake

·        Choosing higher welfare and pasture fed meat & dairy

·        Choosing sustainable fish

·        Choosing sustainable palm oil


  For More info on the see – Environmental Impacts of Food Production – Our World in Data


Reduce Waste

  • Did you know almost 30% of food produced is not eaten  & 70% of this food waste is generated in the home  (source: WRAP)
  • Plan your meals, complEAT, use leftovers, understand the difference between use-by and best-before dates.
  • Share surplus with friends, neighbours or local community food projects
  • Reduce food waste by home/community composting
  • Reduce single-use plastics
    • Use reusable cups
    • Reusable containers
    • Recycle everything you can