First steps to action

If you live, or work, in the Winchester District and support the vision and aims of Winchester Food Partnership, then please sign up here to join our mailing list.

There are also some practical steps you can take to show your support:


  • Support independent retailers where possible
  • Engage with local and national policies to ensure a healthy and sustainable food culture is possible across the Winchester District.
  • Participate in the wider supportive food community (see Partner Projects)
  • Recycle packaging where possible
  • Look for sustainably packaged food
  • Compost your food waste
  • Don’t waste food  – (think share, donate or preserve)
  • Prepare healthy, sustainable meals
  • Buy local, sustainable food
  • Follow us on Facebook.


  • Ensure your employees (and suppliers) are paid fairly, with excellent working conditions
  • Ensure your employees have access to healthy, sustainable food at work
  • Source local, sustainable food for your business or catering
  • Include food sustainability in your procurement strategy
  • Participate in the wider supportive food community, directly or by encouraging your employees to volunteer.

Become a partner

If you are already actively committed to the vision and aims of Winchester Food Partnership, and would like to find out about how to actively support the Steering Group, please email:


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